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Jumanji: Wild Adventures (PC | Xbox Series S|X Download Code)

Jumanji: Wild Adventures (PC | Xbox Series S|X Download Code)

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  • Drop into Jumanji, a world full of dangerous beasts and secret treasures, as you search for its stolen Jewel and a way home. Solve puzzles, explore lost zones, and face wild bosses to level up your heroes. But be ready for danger – the Jumanji drums could strike at any moment!
    Drop into the dangerous game world of Jumanji and start a thrilling adventure, as you search for the stolen jewel, The Jaguar’s Eye, and a way home!
    Choose your avatar from heroes Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Mouse Finbar, and Shelly Oberon, and explore uncharted territories home to fierce predators, warring factions and devious traps that can sweep you off your feet. Survive the jungle to reach new zones including forgotten villages, icy mountains, dark caves, and fetid swamps. And always be ready for new threats, because the Jumanji drums could strike at any moment!
    As you level up your heroes through experience and purchase upgrades with your hard-earned loot, you’ll gain the strength to take on bosses like the cunning Smuggler and vicious Siberian Tiger. You may even discover some of Jumanji’s most secret rooms and lost treasures. 
    The quest to recover the Jewel of Jumanji has evolved. If you want to get home, go big with adventure!

    ADVENTURE BEYOND – Tackle fiendish puzzles and face deadly foes in a hostile, uncharted world.
    UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS – Unlock incredible new abilities and exchange loot for power-ups and special items.
    PARTY UP – Quest alone or in local multiplayer for up to four explorers.

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