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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Nintendo Switch Download)

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Nintendo Switch Download)

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  • Game time! You choose between the legendary hitman Travis Touchdown and Bad Girls grieving father Bad Man and let it really crack! Let your Beam Katana - or your bat - speak and hack and beat you through hordes of enemies. You use different maneuvers such as fast strokes or super charged moves, and you combine attacks with jumps and sprints to bring more devastation. And between the attacks you go dangers by timely avoidance out of the way!
  • Charged, ready, go! In battle, you build up a kind of tension. When the appropriate bar is full, you can unleash a foolish charge attack that does not involve captives! When the tension reaches its peak, you can even release three load attacks in a row! Attention: Your weapon loses power when it is only slightly charged. If the battery indicator of the weapon is empty, you have to shake your controller neatly to charge it and you can plunge into the fray!
  • On to the maneuver! In your adventure, you're looking for skills that will make your attacks even more powerful. This will allow you to create black holes that will trap your opponents in a specific location, where you can quickly kill them, or electrify opponents with lightning, slow them down within a certain range, and much more. Up to four of these skills can be combined, so you can find your own personal favorite combination! And these are not the only useful things you will discover on the way. At the Ramen stand you can restore your health with a delicious soup, on the way you collect coins to get game currency (LB $), or you just go to the bathroom to save your game.
  • Beat her with her own weapons! At the end of each world, a tough boss awaits you - and of course this has home-field advantage. Use everything you have at your disposal to deal with these exceptionally tough opponents. But do not expect that to become easy! hr must overcome every phase of the boss attack, and then kill him once and for all with one of Travis's infamous wrestling moves. Game over!
  • Professional killer, unite! Of course, having a friend makes the fight even more fun. So, team up with another player and enjoy the action together with just one Nintendo Switch system . Back to back you face swarming bugs or blow up everything that gets in your way with the crappy charge attack Choco Banana Crepe with Caramel Ice Cream! You only need one Joy-Con each to pounce you into battle. Instead, you can also use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or two Joy-Con controllers in a Joy-Con Grip.
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